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Chevrolet, commonly referred to as Chevy,was founded by Louis Chevrolet in 1911. With the slogan, "a car for every purse and purpose," the Chevrolet brand was picked to become the volume leader in the General Motors family, selling mainstream vehicles to compete with Henry Ford's Model T in 1919, and overtaking the Model T as the best-selling car in the United States by 1929. It is the flagship of General Motors and today is a world renown automotive brand. Along with Buick Cadillac, and Ford, it is one of only four of the original American manufacturers still surviving today.

Since its inception, Chevrolet has produced over 200 million vehicles, with a wide range of vehicles from the big trucks, vans and SUV’s to the subcompacts. In the 1930’s Chevrolet introduced independent front suspension. The 1950’s brought more power and convenience features like, a V8 engine, power steering and power brakes, power windows and air-conditioning.  The 1960’s saw the air cooled Corvair which had the distinction of being the first domestic produced car with 4 wheel independent suspension. Other most notable Chevrolet models include Corvette, Camaro, Cavalier, Impala, Silverado, Tahoe, and Suburban.

Chevrolet seems poised to remain a power player through its affordable and innovative vehicles, as shown in 2010 with their introduction of the Volt, a plug in hybrid with a 40 mile electric power range.

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