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Dodge was founded by Horace Elgin Dodge and his brother John Francis Dodge in 1900. They were a major OE parts supplier, and began building complete automobiles in 1915. In 1928, Dodge, which was mostly known as a maker of trucks and full sized cars, was sold to Chrysler. There it began a slow accent to become their go to brand for trucks such as the military inspired Power Wagon, and performance muscle cars like the Charger and the Challenger. The Charger sported a fastback roofline with hidden headlamps, and a tail light panel that covered the full width of the car. It could also be upgraded under the hood, to the beloved Hemi V8. Their other muscle car, which was built to rival the Mustang, was aptly named the Challenger.

It is known as the Dodge Division of Chrysler Corporation, and is currently considered the lower priced brand, of the Chrysler division’s similar models. Before Plymouth manufactured it’s last car, and was closed down in 2001, Dodges vehicles were the mid-priced brand sandwiched between Chrysler and Plymouth.

Dodge hit a home run in 1984, with the emergence of the Caravan. The minivan opened up a whole new genre of vehicles that were “larger family” friendly. Then in the 1990’s came the revamping and restyling of the Ram truck, and the awe inspiring Viper. In 2010 Dodge spun off the Ram name and made it a separate brand. Today Dodge is still the go to brand for their performance division with the restyled and updated Chargers and Challengers.

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