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Geo a subdivision of General Motors produced a 3 cylinder, fuel efficient lightweight automobile to compete with the growing import market of small cars. Their production only spanned from 1989 to 1997, after which all remaining cars took on the Chevrolet name. The Tracker was the last vehicle in the former Geo line, and was discontinued in 2004.

The XFi model was the 1st 50 mile a gallon automobile produced by General Motors. It boasted 53 city/58 highway mpg, and was named "Most Fuel Efficient car in America" for all six years of its production. Geo’s most notable success came with the Geo Prizm. It was a version of the Toyota Corolla that was being built through a joint effort between Toyota and GM, in a California assembly plant. The Metro began life as the Suzuki Swift, while the Tracker, an SUV, was derived from the Suzuki Sidekick. The Spectrum sedan was an Isuzu I-Mark and the Storm coupe was an Isuzu Impulse.

This experiment ended when Geo was unable to establish a stronger identity than the brands from which its products were taken. GM quickly realized that Geo was funneling their loyal customers towards the import brands of other companies.

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