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When Toyota decided to add, not just a luxury division, but a world class luxury division to their offerings, they started with U.S. focus groups to see exactly what Americans wanted in a luxury car. The result was quality, plush interior, powerful, and quiet.  Armed with this information, they began to build 100’s of prototypes. This started in the mid 1980’s, and by 1989 they came out with the ES 250, and their flagship model, the LS 400 sedan.

In the following decade, Lexus quickly added several more models to their lineup, including luxury performance sedans and SUV’s. They also expanded to several new marketplaces across the world. By the 2000’s, they began expanding into the hybrid market, as well.

Lexus has earned a well-deserved reputation for their highly refined luxury vehicles, and has distinguished itself over and over again in quality and reliability surveys.

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