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Pontiac was started in 1907 by Edward Murphy, and acquired by General Motors in 1909.  The name Pontiac comes from a chief of the Ottowa Indian Tribe. Pontiac was to be marketed as the performance division of General Motors.

Throughout the 1930’s, 40’s and through the mid 50’s, Pontiacs were known as “Silver Streak” from the chrome lines that ran the length of the hood to the bottom of the windshield. The 1950’s ushered in the Bonneville, and the 60’s brought the Tempest.

Then in 1964 the GTO emerged with a 389 cubic inch V8 and Pontiac’s 1st muscle car arrived. In the second half of this decade, they added the wildly successful Firebird and the Firebird Trans Am.

The 1970’s oil crisis caused sales to slump and the newest models such as Ventura, Phoenix and even the popular 2 seat Fiero couldn’t turn the company around.

For a short time, Newer models like the Vibe, Solstice and G8 made Pontiac a brand to consider in many segments. However, GM's financial troubles in 2008 and 2009 resulted in the company's decision to phase out Pontiac as a brand.

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