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Porsche was founded by Ferdinand Porsche in Stuttgart Germany in 1931. Ferdinand, an experienced automotive engineer from Daimler, had strong association with Volkswagen. Ferdinand’s first production was the VW Beetle and therefore engineered his designs based on a VW chassis, so the 2 seat performance car was born. His son, Ferry, helped pioneer the air cooled car and together they used similar auto parts to the VW. They began production in Austria until they moved to Zuffenhausen, Germany.

In 1950, Porsche began racking up wins on the race track with the 356 Speedster and the 550 Spyder, a lightweight, low profile Mid-engine. Thus began a following of performance drivers everywhere.  In the mid 1960’s Porsche-produced the 911, and instantly the 6 cylinder performance race car took the win at the infamous Monte Carlo. Porsche then moved the engine to the back and racing enthusiasts have never been happier.

The 70’s brought affordability with the 914, and the 928, and a Turbo powered 911 muscled its way to performance history. The 1980’s produced the 956, and it went on to become the number 1 race car ever built. The twin turbo all-wheel drive 959 was also launched and became the 1st sports car to win the Paris-Dakar rally. The continued success of model after model shortly faded, as Porsche’s following was beginning to wane.

In 1997 the Boxster roadster helped rejuvenate the ailing auto maker. 2003 ushered in the 1st Porsche SUV when the Cayenne debuted. It’s 450 HP turbo brought power and performance to the larger SUV format. In 1998 the 650 HP Carrera GT blew the doors off the competition and reignited Porsche enthusiasts. The Porsche experience continues with its latest entry the Panamera. The luxury, performance, power and grace that symbolizes Porsche continues to be strong.

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