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Toyota Motor Corporation, a spin-off of Toyota Industries, was founded in 1937, by Kiichiro Toyoda. Three years prior, while still under the auspicious of his father’s company, Kiichirp developed the Type A engine, and then in 1936 its first passenger, car the Toyota AA.

In 2012 Toyota was the largest automobile manufacturer in the world, by production, with over 10 million vehicles per year, and in Q4, 2014, Toyota was the twelfth largest company in the world. Customers justify the higher purchase price tag of these well designed, reliable vehicles with plans to own them for a long time, due to their repetition for durability. Besides the Toyota brand, they currently produce 4 other brands including Lexus, Scion, Hino and Ranz.

In the 1950’s Toyota brought out the BJ Truck which later became the Toyota Land Cruiser. Late in that decade, Toyota opened Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc., and the Toyota Crown became the first Japanese car sold on American soil. In the 1960’s came the iconic Corolla taking the U.S.A. by storm. They also brought out the Publica, the 2000GT, the Hiace, and Miniace. Toyota reported annual domestic sales of over 1 million units. The 70’s proved to be a major turning point, as they continued to turn out model after model, like the Carina, Light Ace, Publica Starlet, Corona, Mk II, and the Celica. The gas crisis, and increased costs would help propel the smaller more efficient automobiles in America, and launched Toyota to 10 million in unit sales.

In the 1980’s, the expansion continued with the 4Runner SUV, and the MR2 sports car. The high point however, came with the introduction of the wildly successful Camry sedan, which was named America’s best-selling car of the year several times over. The 1990’s saw the addition of the Avalon, RAV4, and a full size truck, the T1, which was later named Tundra. Then Toyota proved themselves again with their cutting edge technology, when they later rolled out the world’s first mass produced hybrid, the Toyota Prius.

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