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Ceramic Brake Pads


Ceramic Brake Pads perform much like a dual pane window, by inhibiting the heat, which is generated by the pad hitting the rotor, from going back to the hydraulics or caliper system. Ceramic pads tend to be quieter than Metallic pads, and they dissipate heat better for non-drilled and slotted brake rotors, which in turn, decreases brake fade. Due to those cooling capabilities, their performance stays strong with repeated use and repeated hard stops.

Ceramic brake pads are less abrasive, and therefore and a little easier on brake rotors, but because they are not as aggressive as Metallic brake pads, they are much lighter on stopping power, and are not recommended for use in heavier vehicles like SUV’s and trucks, especially when used for towing purposes. The dust created is lighter in color, and gives the appearance of less dust, and they are relatively more expensive than the comparable Metallic brake pads.