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What Is My Caliper Casting # On My Toyota


When you order rotors and/or brake pads, you will need to check your caliper to make sure that you are ordering the correct parts. Toyota changed the brake design for these vehicles within the annual production run and re-engineered the caliper and brake pads to improve stopping power. Aside from the production run changes, some of these vehicles have been upgraded over the years to several different calipers, so we recommend that all customers check their front calipers before purchasing to ensure receiving the correct brake pads or brake rotors. One way to tell the difference between the calipers is to look at the back of the caliper near the mounting bolt hole. We have included some pictures that show where different caliper cast numbers can be found. We recommend that you check the front calipers or brake pads and contact us with this information. With this information, we guarantee fitment on your vehicle.

Please see below for a picture of each caliper and where the caliper casting number can be located: 
2001-2002 Toyota Sequioa & 2000-2002 Toyota Tundra Caliper Cast Numbers: 13WL & S13WE
1995-2002 Toyota 4Runner Caliper Cast Numbers: S12WE & S13WM 
2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner Caliper Cast Numbers: 13WG & 13WH