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What Kind of Calipers Does My Jeep Have? Akebono or ATE/Teves?



There are two different front calipers for the 1999 - 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and each one requires a different front brake pad.  One of the calipers is an Akebono and the other is an ATE/Teves Caliper.  It is important that you know which one you have before purchasing brake pads for your vehicle.  The only way to determine which caliper is on your vehicle is by a physical inspection.  The most noticeable difference between these two calipers is on the ATE/Teves caliper. It has a thick wire clip that is used to hold the pads in place.  The Akebono caliper does not have this clip.  Please see the picture below:




If you are still not sure which caliper you have, you can also check the back of the caliper, where there should be a casting number stamped into it.  The ATE/Teves caliper will be stamped with casting # 4835 and the Akebono will be stamped with #4802.  If you still have questions please contact us, we are here to help.