SP Performance 

SP Performance is a world-renowned manufacturer of performance brake rotors and pads for demanding truck enthusiasts and speed junkis. Started in the mid 90's down in Long Island NY, SP Performance has carved out a niche for itself in the automotive aftermarket brake industry by offering innovative brake parts that stand up against the competition. Leading the pack in state-of-the-art innovations and advanced manufacturing techniques, the brand is home to dozens of over-the-top brake rotors and pads designed to perform above the rest for billions of miles to come. 

SP Performance is committed to bringing you the highest-performing, direct-replacement brake rotor with superior looks and lifelong protection. Using the highest-grade rotor blanks on the market, SP Performance is able to offer first-class rotor and brake pads that provide the perfect combination of cooling and out-gassing to give you an unprecedented braking feel every time behind the wheel. With a diverse variety of cutting-edge designs and advanced coatings, SP Performance has got you covered with hardcore brake components you need for any and every riding scenario. 

From material selection to machining and inception, SP Performance keeps quality in mind at every step of the way to ensure that you get the finest in performance and cooling possible. SP Performance brake rotors come alive right here in the USA, where they’re CNC-machined to perfection. To best safeguard the rotor against rust and corrosion, SP Performance offers three coating options such as silver zinc plating, black zinc plating and ZRC gray high-zinc paint, providing unmatched protection again Mother Nature’s worst and expensive consequential damage it can bring. Explore the SP Performance comprehensive product portfolio, including drilled and slotted, cross-drilled, diamond-slotted (dimpled) brake rotors, plus semi-metallic and ceramic brake pads engineered to outperform and outlast the stock plain brake parts.

The addition of the cross-drilled holes and slots to the face of the rotor allows SP Performance to ensure cooler, more reliable operation of its brake rotors and pads, as well as enhanced bite and improved wet and dry braking performance. Plus, the series of slots on SP Performance rotors force the brake dust and water from the road to expel, keeping the wheels sparkly clean. If you want both the appearance and functionality of cross-drilled rotors and slotted rotors, SP Performance drilled and slotted rotors are the go-to solution for the ultimate balance between out-gassing and cooling along with the race-car looks you crave for your vehicle. SP Performance slotted rotors help reduce brake fade, allow for better gas escape and deliver outstanding stopping power. The brand offers a great combination of slots and diamonds to maximize out-gassing, while delivering sleek looks through its diamond-slotted rotor series. 

When it comes to brake pads, SP Performance provides semi-metallic brake pads formulated with an advanced high-friction compound for aggressive street driving, increased braking performance and smooth, quiet response in all weather conditions. Great for heavy and high-heat applications, SP Performance semi-metallic brake pads are highly recommended for towing, work trucks and sports cars. For lighter applications, SP Performance has ceramic pads perfect for compact and mid-range cars and light-duty trucks and SUVs. SP Performance ceramic disc pads are the pad of a choice for those who want true stopping performance without heavy brake dust over the wheels. They deliver long wear and low brake dust, keeping the wheels looking cleaner. So, whatever and wherever you roll, there’s always an SP Performance brake rotor and pad suitable for your extensive braking needs. Get the looks to kill and performance to feel with SP Performance.